30 Jun, 2023

Not enough cash to buy your ideal Mexican property?

Introducing MexLoans as your financial partner to make your dream come true.

Until now, it was impossible for foreigners to obtain financing to purchase real estate in Mexico. Mexican institutions do not lend to foreigners because they don’t have a credit history in Mexico, and they disregard the equity that foreigners have in their home country.

The same applies in their country. Foreigners cannot apply for a loan with their bank as they will not lend money to purchase property in Mexico unless they have substantial equity in their country of origin. Foreign banks will not consider Mexican real estate as equity in the balance sheet for the foreigner. For these reasons, foreigners must pay cash for the purchase of Mexican real estate. This has limited the accessibility to a select group of individuals with enough capital to acquire real estate in Mexico. Until now.

Attracted by the strong and stable Mexican economy, extensive real estate development in certain areas of Mexico and the increase in demand by US and Canadian Citizens to buy real estate in Mexico, foreign financial institutions are now opening subsidiaries in Mexico to lend exclusively to foreigners.

MexLoans benefits from the 25+ years of mortgage lending knowledge of its financial institutions to provide loans to foreigners acquiring real estate in Mexico. It offers the most competitive benefits and rates in the market.